• $4,000 Sponsor a year of weekly after school sessions for children and young women with special needs living in Passaic/ Clifton

  • $3,000 Sponsor Yom Tov crafts and parties all year long

  • $2,000 Sponsor a trip for all Kool Kids Passaic participants

  • $1,500 Sponsor six months of nutritious suppers served at weekly after school sessions

  • $1,000 Sponsor legal holiday respite program ​

  • $500 Sponsor a professional training and appreciation for high school volunteers

  •  $360 Sponsor a season of horticultural experiences for the Kool Kids Passaic garden

  • $250 Sponsor a session of animal therapy

  • $200 Sponsor a Shalosh Seudos

  • $ 150 Sponsor one weeknight recreational program 

Dedication Opportunities

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Kool Kids Passaic, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is located in Passaic, NJ.  Kool Kids Passaic is a multi-faceted service program for children, adolescents, and young adults with a wide spectrum of disabilities.