Kool Kids Passaic Visits Complete Care Residence

Last Sunday, in the spirit of the Nine Days leading up to Tisha B’Av, the children and young women of Kool Kids Passaic visited the residents of Complete Care at Passaic County. It was a visit of chesed and kiddush Hashem as the children delivered teddy bears, generously sponsored by the Bear Givers Foundation, to each of the residents.

The Kool Kids Passaic participants pushed carts overflowing with teddy bears through the halls of the Complete Care facility, stopping at the rooms to gift each resident with a new furry friend. The residents were pleased with their gifts, one repeating, “lindo, lindo” (Spanish for “cute, cute”) and another exclaiming, “This is so, so nice!” The Kool Kids Passaic participants enjoyed their visit as well, and one even asked if she could visit Complete Care again so she could spend more time talking with the residents.

One of the Kool Kids Passaic directors stated, “Our ongoing partnership with the Bear Givers Foundation is a true highlight. Children with special needs are so often on the receiving end of chesed, and the Bear Givers Foundation consistently empowers our participants to be givers, which builds their self-esteem and broadens their sense of what they can accomplish. We are so grateful to the Bear Givers and to Sara Flaumenhaft of Complete Care for arranging this visit.”

Kool Kids Passaic offers a variety of ongoing programs for Passaic/Clifton children and young women with complex learning and developmental disabilities. If you know of an individual who would benefit from this programming, please contact koolkidspassaic@gmail.com. Kool Kids Passaic is a volunteer-run organization that depends entirely on community support. For more information, or to make a donation, please visit the website at www.koolkidspassaic.com.